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Separation and Divorce is one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life. Bold Consulting is here to help reduce the anxiety that comes with not knowing what is to come or where to start. Our first step is to offer you coaching, guidance, information and tools to assist through the beginning of this challenging process. We together explore your situation in detail, design and discuss strategies on next steps and help you determine where to begin and how best to proceed with a separation.

Our goal is to outline a strategy and critical path together to negotiate a settlement efficiently and economically. There can be enormous costs paid in to the legal system and Bold Consulting reduces the financial burden by offering you understanding of the pieces involved and only consult the right professionals at the right time. We understand what questions to ask, how do deal with high conflict, what to expect throughout your negotiation and guide you every step of the way.

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"Why would I use Bold Consulting and won't I get a better settlement if I just use a lawyer?"

Not necessarily. Separation is not just about the legal implications. It is about what to expect throughout the process as a whole, understanding the options availabe and how to reduce the gap in positions of an agreement… Read More →

"What sort of information do I require to get started and what steps are involved?"

The process is started with an understanding of your situation in detail. We talk about a short term parenting plan if children are involved and coping strategies for the beginning of the process... Read More →

"How long will a settlement take and can I afford to be divorced?"

The time it takes to reach a settlement depends on several factors. A critical factor is how amicable you and your partner are. Two parties willing to negotiate make for a speedy and economical settlement... Read More →