What we do

Bold Consulting is a confidential service offering options, tools and strategies for people thinking about separating, have separated or currently in divorce negotiations.

We are not a legal firm or counselling service; we partner with you and separation and divorce professionals if needed, to reach a common goal of settlement efficiently and economically. Our objective is to reduce the financial burden in the legal system and develop a critical path together, to reach an end result that minimizes your cost and only use other professionals when the time is right.

Our focus

At Bold we believe a clear strategy and purposeful execution equals success. We focus on action and positive results through knowledge and critical thinking at the beginning of the process to help you develop and understand the pieces involved in a separation negotiation before you retain professionals. We help you manage those pieces and if needed, any professional parties involved to reduce your costs and ensure a forward moving negotiation. 

We offer insights on the dynamics of separating and present emotional and practical tools to help manage the changes that come with a separation.  If there are children involved, we discuss strategies and agreements to ensure a stable and emotionally sound environment for all involved.

The results

Separation and divorce is an emotional, stressful and devastating time for everyone involved.  We are here to reduce the stress, costs paid in to the legal system and help minimize the triggers that cause anxiety and uncertainty. At Bold, we understand ending a marriage is not just about finances and the legal implications.  It is a combination of understanding the process and how to execute it effectively, compromise and self care.  Let Bold Consulting assist in helping you be informed, resourceful, focused, determined and empowered. Be BOLD and let’s get the deal done together.

*While mediators can provide legal knowledge, we cannot provide legal advice. It is always encouraged that each party seek legal advice throughout this process to ensure you are well informed of your legal rights and obligations.