Our Partners

Bold Consulting has a referral list of professionals that may be required during your negotiation. We have strategized and worked with these individuals and organizations extensively with previous clients; they have a proven track record of success.   


They include:

  • Family Law lawyers
  • Parenting Coordinators
  • Mediators and Arbitrators
  • Divorce Financial Experts
  • Personal Accountants
  • Corporate Accountants
  • Investments Advisors
  • Real Estate Agents

You are not required to use the professionals on our list. We will work with any professional(s) you may already be working with. At Bold our goal is to reach the best settlement for you, collaboratively with any professional you may have chosen.


We only consult with professionals when the time is right.  At Bold, our objective is to reduce the fees paid in to the legal system and ensure a clear understanding of what you will need, what to expect and how best to approach a settlement agreement.


Contact Bold today for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.


*While mediators can provide legal knowledge, we cannot provide legal advice. It is always encouraged that each party seek legal advice throughout this process to ensure you are well informed of your legal rights and obligations.