Frequently Asked Questions

“Why would I use Bold Consulting and won’t I get a better settlement if I use only a lawyer?”

Not necessarily. Separation is not just about the legal implications.  It is what to expect throughout the process as a whole, understanding the needs of all involved and how to reduce the gap in positions of an agreement.  Often, people stand firm on a position and do not focus on the gap in between each other’s positions.  We identify what that is and focus on minimalizing it through understanding and compromise to ensure a focused negotiation.

The settlement does not have to involve lawyers in all aspects. Our knowledge and expertise will assist you in making the best possible agreement while working collaboratively with all the resource professionals only when necessary.  Our goal is to reduce the investment in lawyer’s fees and minimize the anxiety associated with coming to an agreement.

“What sort of information do I require to get started and what steps are involved?”

First and foremost, the process is started with an understanding of your situation in detail.  We talk about a short term parenting plan if children are involved and coping strategies for the beginning of the process. Then we determine all the pieces involved in the separation agreement.

Financials are gathered including assets and debt, help you put a budget together based on current lifestyle, calculate support obligations, determine extra curricular budgets if children are involved, life insurance and benefit coverage details.  Once a comprehensive picture of the pieces involved are clear, we identify any professionals that may be needed to execute a negotiation or offer.  At Bold, we understand all situations are unique and customize an approach based on client needs.

“How long will a settlement take and can I afford to be divorced?”

The time it takes to reach a settlement depends on several factors. A critical factor is how amicable you and your partner are. Two parties willing to negotiate make for a speedy and economical settlement.  In this instance, Bold Consulting meets with both parties to work through a mutually desired agreement. 

We understand this is not always the case. There are various ways to come to a settlement: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Our goal is to avoid arbitration and litigation, as both are costly and can take months before an agreement is reached.

We consult on how your financial picture will look early on in the process and continue to guide you on all aspects of your financial agreement. We also assist our clients with each step of the process and focus on a forward moving and economical settlement to minimize your costs paid in to the legal system.

Working with  Bold offers the opportunity for saving money, time and stress.  Be informed, resourceful focused, determined and empowered.  Be Bold.

*While mediators can provide legal knowledge, we cannot provide legal advice. It is always encouraged that each party seek legal advice throughout this process to ensure you are well informed of your legal rights and obligations.