Diane Horsman

Mediator and Consultant

I am the single mother of two girls and have been divorced for 13 years.

For thirty years I have worked in sales, marketing and management. For ten of those years, I was co-owner of a company with my now ex-husband. My primary responsibilities were sales, marketing, and negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with our biggest customers.

Separating was complicated and very painful as a Mother and a professional.  Regardless of the overwhelming task,  I worked on a separation agreement with a team of many professionals including; matrimonial and corporate lawyers and accountants, trust and insurance specialists, parenting coordinator, mediators and a business evaluation company.

Ensuring all worked collaboratively as a team was critical in keeping the settlement negotiations moving forward.  While it was familiar how I worked on  contracts from a business perspective, it was by far the most difficult deal I had ever done.  However, knowing how to keep the emotions out of it and drive a team towards a common goal of settlement made for a speedy agreement that I was content with.

In these past years of rebuilding my life and reflecting on my personal and business experience, I chose to leave my job with a large public company and pursue a career that felt more meaningful. Where my vast business knowledge and personal experience could help people through separation and divorce understanding how few resources were available.

I then went on to complete my Alternative Dispute Resolution certificate at York University which was heavily focused on the theory of conflict and mediation.  I also completed my full training in Family Mediation as well as Collaborative training.

It became very clear that my past personal and professional experiences coupled with my conflict and mediation education, that I could passionately assist people through the most daunting experience they may ever face. It is with much reward that I can offer both personal and professional guidance through this very stressful process.

Let’s Talk –  diane@boldconsulting.ca