Meet Diane

I am the single mother of two teenagers.  Getting divorced eleven years ago was a pivotal time in my life. 

For twenty five years I have worked in sales, marketing and management.  For ten of those years, I was co-owner of a sales incentive company with my now ex-husband.  When I joined the company, we were a staff of five with annual sales just beginning to grow.  When I left after a decade of hard work, there was a staff of twenty and it was a thriving multimillion dollar organization.  My primary responsibilities were sales, marketing, managing staff and negotiating multimillion dollar contracts with our biggest customers. 

Getting divorced was complicated and painful on a personal and professional level.  Not only was my marriage ending as well as dealing with the unbearable thought of not having my children with me all of the time, I was also forced to give up work I loved.  Over the course of thirteen months, I worked on a separation agreement with a team of seven professionals including; matrimonial, corporate lawyers and accountants, trust and insurance specialists, a parenting coordinator mediator, business evaluation company as well as investment advisors. 

I managed each individually in addition to ensuring that they worked collaboratively as a team. This was an important aspect of keeping the settlement negotiations moving forward and all aware of each piece of the agreement.  I learned many aspects of family law through this process, as well as how important it is to keep focused on the issues and keep the emotions out.  It was the most difficult deal I had ever done, and understanding how to drive a team towards a common goal of settlement made for an agreement I was content with.

Following the sale of my interest in the company, I went back to sales and management with a large public company managing their highest profile account, knowing that this was a stepping stone until I regained my balance.  In these past years of rebuilding my life, it became clear to me that I was hungry for work that felt meaningful and helped the world be a better place.

After seven years, I left my job and took an intensive course at York University in Advanced Dispute Resolution and Mediation.  I also completed further courses including Family Law, working with high conflict families and screening for family violence and power imbalances.  My business background and personal experience coupled with my conflict and mediation training, led me to realize what I   was meant to do, which is to assist people through the burden and anxiety of divorce and Bold Consulting was born.

*While mediators can provide legal knowledge, we cannot provide legal advice. It is always encouraged that each party seek legal advice throughout this process to ensure you are well informed of your legal rights and obligations.