Bold Consulting offers a variety of coaching and consulting options, referral services as well as mediation to help navigate you through your separation process.  If you are at the beginning, middle or end of your agreement, let BOLD assist in easing the burden and anxiety of separation and divorce.

Services include:

  • Individual Consulting
  • Mediation Coaching
  • Arbitration Coaching
  • Lawyer and Mediator Referrals
  • Individual Conflict Coaching
  • Mediation

To learn more about our services in depth, see below;

  • Individual Consulting

Not sure where to start or what to expect when trying to navigate through a Separation Agreement?

One-on-one consulting will assist in determining your best strategy, objectives, interests and goals as you approach your separation agreement.  We coach you on negotiation strategies and help you to determine your position to ensure a successful process and outcome.

We work with individuals and any professional you may have hired at the beginning, middle or end of your agreement.  As well, we assist with agreements already in place that need to be re-negotiated based on a material change or specified date of review.

  • Mediation Coaching

Become empowered before your Financial or Parenting mediation! 

We ensure you are clear on your position, goals, interests and needs to ensure you are fully prepared to negotiate with your partner or spouse.

We help you understand the mediation process as a whole and what to expect.  We walk you through what the process will look like as well as offer tools and strategies to ensure a successful and forward moving negotiation.

  •  Arbitration Coaching

Become empowered before your Arbitration! 

We ensure you are clear on your position, approach and review your affidavits and documents in detail. We coach individuals on questioning which enables you to feel confident and prepared to ensure the most successful outcome.

  •  Lawyer and Mediator Referrals

Don’t hire a lawyer based on a friend, family member or colleuges referral. Every divorce or separation is different based on the individuals.

Hiring a family law lawyer or mediator is a critical step in how your negotiation will unfold. We will explore together, your situation in detail and determine the best fit for you based on several factors which include;

  • What is your budget per hour?
  • Who may or has your partner or spouse retained?
  • Is there high conflict?
  • Determine your personal style and approach to conflict
  • Are there children involved?
  • Is there abuse towards you or the children?

We have a wide lawyer and mediator network and will direct you accordingly to your situation and personal needs.  Our referrals will offer you quick responses to your inquiries. We will update whomever you choose before your meeting upon your approval to ensure a productive meeting.  We make sure you are fully prepared and know what questions to ask and what to focus on to save you time and money.

  • Individual Conflict Coaching

Impossible to communicate effectively with your spouse or partner?

We offer coaching to individuals who are;

  • Married
  • Living together
  • Currently in separation negotiations
  • Divorced

This service is to help individuals who are in high conflict relationships.  We specialize in tools and strategies to assist in reducing the conflict and improve communication.

  • Mediation

Mediate don’t litigate!

We will mediate two individuals who are willing to negotiate an agreement together to avoid the expensive costs of the litigation process.

While mediators can provide legal knowledge, we cannot provide legal advice.  It is always encouraged that each party seek legal advice before this process to ensure you are well informed of your legal rights and obligations.

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