From Our Clients

Don't just take it from us - read what BOLD clients had to say about their experience.

“Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotionally exhausting times in a person’s life. I began my divorce process alone and was overwhelmed with lawyers, mediators, case conferences, meetings, letters and huge bills to pay. I was lost and confused, struggling to navigate the complex challenges, when someone recommended that I contact Diane Horsman at Bold Consulting.


Diane was able to step in halfway through the process and help me to take control of my situation. She objectively analyzed both the predictable and unpredictable elements. She listened to my stories, thoroughly reviewed my parenting plan and financials, and guided me through the process. Diane became a ‘translator’ of sorts and started communicating effectively on my behalf with the lawyers. She was able to explain all of the issues that I was dealing with in extensive detail. She helped me better understand the legal process and provided me with advice. Diane was able to help me with every aspect of my divorce.


Diane was a very effective guide and gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to navigate the process successfully. If you are going through a divorce, starting a divorce or even just thinking about one, I highly recommend contacting Diane Horsman at Bold Consulting.”


“No one wants to have to navigate the dissolution of a marriage and the subsequent legal proceedings that follow.


Diane Horsman provided me with keen vision, insightful advice, viable solutions and a comfortable place in which to share my most painful thoughts. She was essentially a safe haven for me.


Her keen knowledge of the legal system and the pitfalls associated with it helped me to keep a clear path as this can be a very expensive process as I had learned prior to retaining Bold. Diane’s clear concise and non-emotional attachment to my case ensured that I was able to make decisions that were not emotionally based.


She essentially streamlined the legal process without the tremendous costs that can be incurred by family law lawyers. She steered me clear of the pitfalls that one can fall into when confronted with this process and that I am very thankful for. I would recommend anyone, male or female, who has to go through this horrendous process to avail themselves of Bold Consulting services.”


“Bold’s knowledge, experience and expertise, coupled with their sympathetic yet pragmatic approach allowed me to get my house in order, plan for the future, and cut through the ‘fog’ of the emotions.


Bold provided me with references to lawyers, accountants, councilors, and arbitrators. Everything you need to know, but never thought you’d have to.


Diane was able to provide me with options and guidance on how to navigate through the ‘fog’ of discovery of the infidelity. As many will attest, the discovery of such deception can be and is devastating. It is hard to function and focus on the next steps due to your anger and shattered confidence and trust.


Diane Horsman at Bold Consulting, is well versed in the emotion and sense of loss during the discovery phase. She will guide you towards the path you need to take, be it separation, or reconciliation with empathy, comfort, expertise and professionalism. She is a great listener, and, if needed, strategists on how to protect you and yours as you navigate these rough and unknown waters”.


“While going through a separation, a friend of mine referred me to BOLD after seeing I was getting frustrated with a Family Lawyer who did not take the time to sit and explain to me family law, the processes and what to expect and I was feeling completely lost in the process.
Upon meeting Diane, she immediately made herself available to answer questions and concerns I had and took the time to explain and help me prepare for the various stages and processes that goes with divorce”.


“BOLD listened to my concerns and helped me shape a plan of action and how best to execute it efficiently. Being unhappy with the lawyer, BOLD assisted in connecting me with a lawyer I had greater confidence in.


Diane helped to prepare in going through the various stages including mediation. She gave honest unbiased opinions on issues that came up and how best to address them every step of the way”.


“The Family Law system is a complicated one and I would absolutely recommend BOLD to anyone that maybe going through divorce. It is a very stressful, emotional, and could be a financially taxing time for anyone that is going through it. While lawyers will certainly address the legal requirements- BOLD is an excellent resource to assist in keeping things on track, answer your questions and concerns and help you prepare for what to expect. Diane is very personable, professional and absolutely supportive- I appreciated everything she did for me and would recommend anyone going through an unfortunate life event like divorce and separation”.

A. Z. Whitby, ONT.

“A friend referred me to Bold Consulting just before my last agreement was to expire. I was conflicted on how to handle my next go around with my ex. I was not happy with my present agreement and did not want to deal with my costly lawyer again, who really didn’t do much for me. I came to Bold to help me navigate the family law system in a quicker and cost effective approach.


“Diane, was there for me every step of the way. She introduced me to a great new lawyer. She educated me along the way and helped me save time and money. At times when I got frustrated or discouraged and was willing to give up Diane was always there to encourage me to keep going and have the faith. So glad I listened to her!! It was nice to have her by my side and to know she had my back.”


“With Diane’s insight and expertise she and my lawyer where able to secure a deal with my ex that I never would of imagined!!”


“Bold, can help navigate you through the long and complex family legal system. Many lawyers do not have the time to spend with you explaining the process. Bold will help advise you and support you through this s daunting process. I highly recommend Bold before you seek legal help.”

B.B. Toronto, ONT.

“From the moment I walked in Bold Consulting’s door and met with Diane, I knew I was in caring, competent hands. Diane became my coach and advocate, helping me to navigate through a painful and high conflict divorce. Diane’s patience, attention to detail and legal information she shared relating to my situation, gave me the confidence to push forward through a long distance divorce and several court appearances.


Without Diane by my side I would not have had the energy or courage to fight for a fair resolution in my divorce. It is important to be an informed and empowered decision maker while working with lawyers and I recommend anyone considering separation, meet with BOLD Consulting before moving forward.”

L.C. Toronto, ONT.